Wade Joye - Speaker. Coach. Writer.
Hi! I’m Wade Joye.
Speaker. Coach. Writer.
Helping people stay consistent in their rhythms with God and find fulfillment in their faith.
Known for his ability to tackle some of Scripture’s biggest subjects, Wade brings a humility and authenticity to unpacking the Word of God. Bridging the gap between mystery and understanding for anyone who listens, his lifelong commitment to the life found in Jesus and the Scriptures brings a spiritual freshness to any audience.
Wade’s heart for people embracing their uniqueness in God sits in the driver’s seat of every coaching opportunity. Tackling the spiritual rhythms, expectations, disappointments, and heartaches we experience in the search to live out of our God-given dreams gives Wade room to connect the dots in life-changing ways.
Bring in Wade to teach your staff to bring unity, clarity, and develop a pathway to a healthier culture through prioritizing the things that matter. With 25+ years of ministry experience, Wade brings an approach rooted in maintaining a spiritual healthy life while pursuing excellence on all fronts.
Join Wade every week on the “Dreamers and Disciples” Podcast where you’ll explore how to trust God with the dreams in your heart through regular rhythms of abiding in Christ. Tune in on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!
What others are saying
  • Wade Joye’s heart for pastors and their families’ health in ministry is a much-needed message. He made a powerful impact on our Worship Pastors, providing practical next steps and resources to our team that encourage health spiritually, at home and in ministry. Wade is tried and true and any wisdom that he has to offer to our team, we are here for it!
    JT MurrellCentral Group Leader – Worship, Life.Church
  • Wade has a unique call on his life to practically equip the church in the work of the ministry & helping broken people find hope through the Gospel of Jesus. I know this because he’s done both for me.

    He’s guided me to become a more helpful and effective communicator through his gift of candor. Never in a tone that is degrading, but in a patient hopeful way that helps build the tools necessary to be better.

    When my mom was dying in a hospital, he stopped a church service to pray for my family. His anointing as a pastor has carried me through dark seasons of my life.
    Joel DelphMount Pleasant Campus Pastor, Seacoast Church
  • I have been friends with Wade for over a decade. Wade is a gifted communicator, has the heart of a pastor, and is a talented coach. I love the season Wade has stepped into as a coach and speaker. Your team and church will be better after spending time with Wade.
    Stephen BrewsterCreative Coach and Worship Music Executive
  • Wade’s coaching has impacted who I am as a Worship Pastor more than I could’ve imagined. From overcoming insecurities to walking confidently in my calling through practical daily steps. His leadership development has been transformational to my life and I cannot recommend it enough to any Worship Pastor or leader out there.
    Isaac MondragonWorship Pastor & Individual Coaching Client, Freedom Church
  • Wade Joye is the real deal. His heart for Jesus, people, and the local church is evident in everything he says and does.

    We asked Wade to come in and teach to our Creative Arts team and also preach to our Church. He was phenomenal! Our team is still experiencing the results of his visit. The culture continues to get better, our volunteers show up with more purpose and zeal for what they do. From leading worship to creating healthy habits as a follower of Christ, Wade brings such a variety of gifts, wisdom, and passion that will inspire and equip a church of ANY size. Your team and church will be better for the investment of bringing in Wade!
    Brandon PettyLead Pastor, Generation Church
About Wade
A thoughtful and precise communicator, a father and husband who’s passionate about discipleship, and a lover of everyone’s unique story, Wade’s life has led him in and out of some of the deepest disappointments and most promising victories in his walk with God. 25+ years in ministry has shown Wade how to create healthy rhythms, foster a deep connection to the Holy Spirit, and grow alongside teams of people from all walks of life. Now serving churches around the country through teaching and coaching, Wade most recently served as the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church under the leadership of Pastor Steven Furtick. For 14 years, he oversaw the development of worship culture and staffing for 20 locations, spearheaded the growth and pastoring of Elevation Worship, and was instrumental in creating the systems that allowed Elevation Worship songs to go around the world as he led the record label and touring teams. Wade also led the teams that executed the weekend worship experiences and oversaw service programming and coached campus pastors on their on stage hosting and preaching. Wade was a regular presence preaching on the main stage at Elevation and found a deep passion for teaching the scriptures to large groups of believers.

Wade’s greatest passion is to teach and coach people to develop and maintain consistent spiritual rhythms and disciplines that cultivate a heart that is grounded in a personal devotion to Jesus. Wade holds experience in both traditional and modern church models and audiences, as well as communicating to all age groups.

Wade and his wife, Ferris, have 3 daughters they adore and are learning to navigate family, ministry, and faith as they raise children with special needs like Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy.
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